Ok to give you a little look into the construction of the master chief under armor I posted up a few pics. I used some upholstery vinyl from Jo-Ann’s fabric store. I also used some of the craft foam from hobby lobby to make all the padded pieces for the abdomen area and knees. The little rubber piece on the front of the piece is molded dragon skin dyed black with silc pig. The back piece of rubber is actually a Betty Boop car floor mat from Wal-Mart. I love me some Wally World.. always find good stuff to use in there. For the shoulders I used the piping you get at the fabric store to create that ridge effect. As far as the ribbing effect that’s just a ton of time put in on the sewing machine sewing down layers to form ribs. The soft part of the boot is done just like the shoulder with the piping I found at the fabric store. I just cut out my pattern and sewed the piping down in place to give it that ridged effect. Other than that its a bunch of nylon straps and buckles and its made in sections to keep from making it too hot. I also use a few pieces on the chest armor to fill in some open areas just held on with Velcro. Don’t have pics of those, but you can just use the shots of the armor to see what I’m talking about.

Anyways hope this helps you do–it-your-selfer’s

Here is the neck seal pattern for you downloading pleasure.