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 Although slightly different from Prop Building SFX is another realm of the practical effects. If anything it still remains a true art form. It’s not as easy to rapid prototype a custom old hag face appliance. So it’s left up to the boys and girls with real sculpting talent to take on the task. I’ve been focusing most of my education on the prop building side of things, but as I do my research through history I find that the masters of the industry are knowledgeable in both the makeup world as well as the prop world. So as I further my knowledge I’d thought I’d document some of my findings.

If your focus is on SFX and Makeup then you will need to become a master sculptor. So if you haven’t already you need to get you some clay and just start sculpting. You’ll need to learn muscle structure, bone structure, and anatomy. The difference between a good appliance and a bad one is in the details. Other than clay I suggest you put your money into books and classes first.

A good resource like the and but for SFX stuff is

Books you’ll want to own are

Watch the TV show Faceoff if you haven’t already



Learn From the Pro’s:

Basic Course:

Stan Winston School: