Downward takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where mankind has begun reforming itself into a new society following the fallout of a massive nuclear conflict. As humanity struggles to rise from the ashes it finds itself the prize sought after in a war fought between two races of titanic proportions. On the one side are the Guardians, sentient machines who are as frightening as they are logical. On the other side are the Dragoons, bio-engineered super soldiers whose entire culture exists around martial perfection. As this new conflict tumbles out of control, humanity’s new-found innocence is lost and its fate hangs in the balance.

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Downward is a story of loss and forgiveness, a drama masked within a sci-fi film. Themes of death and warfare are explored within the context of grief. The film hints at the additional hope of a brighter future after loss and perhaps, new love. 

The film focuses on Claire, the wife of a human soldier who enlisted to fight alongside the Dragoons. When he is killed in a skirmish by insurgents, Claire is informed that his body is unrecoverable due to its location. Unwilling to accept this, she desperately searches for a way to find his remains, even going so far as to enlist the help of a Dragoon to guide her through the war-zone to the location of the battle.

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